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Our Vision

We envision a world in which adults live the second half of life as the best half.

Our Mission

Live healthy. Be fulfilled.

We are a whole life movement sharing worldwide innovations and advancement in holistic wellness and lifestyle for adults in midlife and beyond.

Our Story

On a wintery January afternoon in 2001, Risa was sitting next to her mother at the kitchen table.  During their conversation, Mom suffered a debilitating stroke, one that left her with right side paresis. Mom had been a healthy, very active 65-year old restaurant owner who lived for family and others. She walked three miles every morning, worked late into the night, and squeezed a yoga class in whenever she could. But she also suffered from hypertension.  

Mom was a completely independent woman who took care of everyone else. Now she had to allow herself to be taken care of. Mom’s first words in the ICU were “pay mortgage.” At that moment Risa realized how unprepared she was.  Her family had no idea what bills needed to be paid, or how she had paid them. They didn’t have access to her bank account or know if she had a will. What was a health care proxy and did Mom have one? With the help of family, Risa learned a great deal about elder care while struggling to adapt to a new normal. 

Over the years, Risa and her family gained expertise in caregiving, medical equipment, legal issues and government programs. She decided to share this knowledge to help the millions of people like Mom preserve their dignity in the face of debilitating health challenges.  Thus, Modern Aging was born.

On a fall October day in San Diego, Risa met Susan at an entrepreneurial business conference. They discovered that they shared a vision to build a diverse global community of adults growing older together with joy, health, prosperity and fulfillment. From this, Modern Aging was reborn into a lifestyle company and movement for adults in midlife wishing to optimize their health and lifestyle in innovative and holistic ways

Risa and Susan researched and spoke with experts with proven scientific and time-tested traditional approaches. They reject the outdated social stereotypes around aging. In fact, research has proven that midlife is one of the happiest times in life for a majority of adults.  They listen to you – their audience, partners and friends – and create the products, courses, coaching and events you ask for. 

They created the Modern Aging TV YouTube channel and other social media to share insights of top experts, their collective knowledge, plus best practices from cultures around the globe. Risa and Susan have created a supportive space for our community to connect, redefine and renew, share stories, swap ideas and let go of what no longer fits us as we grow. Together we heal, make new choices, empower one another, and age on our terms.  

Join us and our Modern Aging movement!

Our Team


Risa Morimoto

Founder and CEO
I have had a colorful life thus far. Each step has led me to this moment right now. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Modern Aging, I am an integrative nutritional health coach. Though I am the host of the Modern Aging YouTube Channel, I have spent most of my career behind the camera as a producer and director of documentaries and TV (HGTV - House Hunters International, Selling NY, Animal Planet, A&E).
I started my career in banking, then I entered the world of higher education working at NYU as the Associate Director of the Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program and Institute. I then moved on to run a non-profit organization, Asian CineVision and the Asian American International Film Festival. It was during this time that my mother had her stroke. It was a huge wake up call for me and I knew if I wanted to become a full-time filmmaker, it was now or never. So, I chose now. I made several documentary films, lucky enough to travel and interview people from all over the world. The films screened at numerous film festivals and aired on television in over 18 countries.
Throughout this time, I was a part time caregiver to my mother. She developed Parkinsons in 2009 and it became increasingly difficult to care for her. I felt like I needed a PhD to navigate the healthcare system. This proved to be hugely challenging and I often traveled to Japan to look for solutions. I knew their senior population has been exploding in recent years and they were implementing some innovative ways to address the epidemic.
Modern Aging was born out of my frustration knowing that there had to be a better way and that the current system was not sustainable for future generations. I was sure as hell not going to go the same route. I researched and talked to people. I used my skills as a documentary filmmaker to interview people and share what I was learning. Thus, Modern Aging was created.
FUN FACTS ABOUT ME 1. I was born in NYC and I am a Sagittarius (wassup fellow Sag brothers and sisters!) 2. I played the flute. 3. I didn’t start to formally learn Japanese until I was 18. 5. I lived in Kyoto, Japan for 2 years. 6. I love azuki (Japanese red bean often used in desserts – so yum!). I don’t like natto (fermented soy beans). 7. My parents opened up the first Japanese restaurant on Long Island in 1975 (before it was cool to eat sushi and bring bentos for lunch – thanks Molly Ringwald and The Breakfast Club!). 8. I have traveled to over 40 countries and 80+ cities. 9. I helped cater Julia Robert’s 30th birthday party. (Yes, she is as sweet as you think). 10. I married my best friend/college roommate’s brother. 11. Friends and I rescued a dog and her pup from Panama on a House Hunters International TV shoot. The mama is mine and the pup was adopted by a friend. 12. My husband and I adopted our 15 year old daughter from Colombia in 2017.

Kari Morimoto

Content Developer
I have been the primary caregiver for my parents for 19 years. Through caring for them, I have learned extensive home nursing and pharmaceutical skills. I am avid chef being raised in a restaurant family. I enjoy incorporating whole foods and maximizing nutritional value in every meal. I am a licensed massage therapist having studied Swedish style and Shiatsu. I am a jack of many trades but really enjoy gardening, growing my own food, and watching my grandchildren. FUN FACTS ABOUT ME I was born in Tokyo, Japan and was 4 years old when I immigrated to the U.S. I have an incredible memory. My first memory is from when I was 2 years old. I love to bake. I am a germ freak (thus why this Coronavirus pandemic has me cleaning like a mad woman!) I have 2 grandchildren.

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Live Healthy.
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We are a whole life movement sharing worldwide innovations and advancements in holistic wellness and lifestyle for adults in midlife and beyond.

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