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Who are you being and what are you discovering during this time of COVID-19 and quarantine?

It’s been only a few months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Life as we know it has been turned upside down.  The time of midlife and after can be rich and also challenging for many people, even without major external events.

Whatever we are already experiencing during this time of life, COVID-19 has added to our challenges.  Freedom and travel are restricted, health and wellness are threatened, plans are on hold, unemployment is rising, stress levels are elevated, and uncertainty and lack of safety prevail.  Mental anxiety and emotional trauma are widespread as we experience social isolation and anticipate an uncertain future.

Similar to midlife, this pandemic is generating a time of self-discovery and even renewal for many.  We can choose to use this time to pause, take a step back, and ask meaningful questions.  What might we change in ourselves?  What could we create in the future?  This self-exploration can lead to more creativity and new opportunities.  We can look past our roles and be more authentic.  We can dream about a new future.

Modern Aging supports our growth and fulfillment now and during the second half of life.


Our mission at Modern Aging is to share knowledge, practices and resources to live our best life during midlife and beyond.  This may be a continuation of life with small changes or improvements in specific areas, such as health, money, relationships, career, retirement and fulfillment.

On the other hand, it may involve a lifestyle pivot or significant overhaul.  We’ve pursued goals, followed career paths, built relationships, raised children, and accumulated a breadth of experiences.  Now, we may feel more freedom and wish for a different way of living.  We see possibilities ahead, whether embarking on a new career or relationship, starting a business or retirement, or exploring an interest, that might bring us more happiness and meaning.

Whatever our challenges or desires, Modern Aging brings innovative approaches and expert information from traditional and emerging sources around the world across science, healthcare, food, finance, technology, beauty, lifestyle, caring for elders and more.

You and Modern Aging


The world has changed dramatically since you were born.  So have you.  It’s time to look at yourself with new eyes.

How is your health and wellbeing?  Our free health quiz on the home page helps you take stock in where you are today.  It will help you think about how you might bridge any gaps to achieving your optimal health.

From there, follow your interests to the areas that call out to you.  According to our market research across five continents, top areas of interest at midlife and after are COVID-19, body and mental health, money, life purpose and fulfillment.  So, this is where we start.  Journey through Modern Aging and explore the popular videos, articles, products and services many have found useful.

Modern Aging also has courses and personalized one-on-one coaching programs designed to put yourself at the center of your life.  We’re with you as you dream, set new intentions, and use courage and confidence to live your best life.

Modern Aging Everywhere


There is much to share, learn, enjoy and celebrate in midlife and beyond.  It’s our time.  Let’s support each other, face today’s challenges, and grow through them together.  We can enjoy this time in life of renewal and self-discovery.  In sharing experiences, discovering opportunities and celebrating ourselves, we will go higher and further together.

United across ages, ethnic backgrounds, religious and spiritual beliefs, and global geographies, this is life during midlife and beyond today with Modern Aging.


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