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Susan Rosenthal, CEO, MBA, Expert Certified Coach

If you answered yes,
then coaching may be what you need.

One of the most loving things you can do for someone is to hold them to their dreams and a higher standard of fulfillment. ”
                                          – Susan Rosenthal

Millions of people have become suddenly unemployed. Others are dissatisfied with their businesses’ performance, work challenges, or have their sight on different career goals. For people close to or in retirement, this may be impetus to start an encore career. Whatever your situation, if you feel out of alignment with your purpose, work, colleagues, dreams or expectations, it’s time for a reset.

A Business Coach can help create new strategies and implementation plans for your business that will overcome setbacks and build the next stage for long-term growth and sustainability. A Career Coach can help you rise above your work challenges, eliminate blocks and limitations in your performance, and pursue new directions on your journey to success.

Modern Aging Business and Career Coaching Programs have supported businesses and professionals worldwide. Our proprietary coaching approach has empowered businesses to successfully launch, turnaround and scale at all stages and sizes of growth and development.

Rejuvenate or Grow Your Business

What Your Business Will Gain

•  Alignment with industry and market changes

•  Clarity in goals, strategies and implementation 


•  Strategies to restore cash flow and profit margins

•  A roadmap to reach the next level of success

•  Launch plans for a new business, product or service

•  Improved customer acquisition and retention

•  Stronger leadership and influence

•  Processes to hire the right people

•  A positive culture with collaborative teamwork

You're A Right Fit If It...

•  Is undergoing meaningful change

•  Needs strategic focus or fresh strategies

•  Is ripe for turnaround or growth

•  Needs direction or support for a launch

•  Is willing to try new approaches

•  Has leaders ready to take action

•  Wants an accountability partner

Reinvent or Rebuild Your Career

What You Can Gain

•  A new career direction for more meaning and 


•  A plan to reach the next level in or outside your 


•  Improved motivation and performance

•  Stronger leadership and influence

•  Elimination of blocks and limitations that hold you 


•  Improved confidence and esteem

•  Healthier working relationships

•  Options and opportunities for retirement

You're A Right Fit If You...

•  Want greater success and fulfillment

•  Are ready to grow and achieve new goals

•  Will take action and commit to results

•  Are open to moving out of your comfort zone

•  Can change your mindset and habits

•  Want an accountability partner

Some of Our Clients

I started working with Susan when I was facing a major challenge at my job. I was under extreme pressure and my relationship with my boss was strained. Susan provided the guidance, structure and support I needed to communicate my value and needs, and negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome. She helped me find my voice, discussion flow and words so I was effective. I felt much more confident. I communicated well and was understood.
Ellia Valentine
Computer Programmer
During the two years we coached together, Susan positively impacted my real estate business sales and leadership. She provided practical strategic and tactical information that I immediately put to use, including breakthrough marketing and advertising approaches. Susan also helped me transform the way I think and conduct business. As a result, I’ve achieved more results with less effort. I’ve learned to manage my ego, overcome doubt and fear, and handle difficult relationships and confrontation with positive outcomes.
Ken Ravago
Owner, Real Estate Group Brokerage and Property Managemet

Meet Susan Rosenthal, Co-CEO, MBA, Certified Coach, CPCS

I believe that challenging times with major changes create amazing opportunities for success in life and business.  Choosing who you are going to be as you emerge from this pandemic experience is your greatest decision right now.  You have only one life to live, why not live it with joy and as a full expression of you.  It’s time to dig deeper inside, dream big, and live the greatest version of your life!

How Did I Get Here?

I have been a “coach” since I was a kid.  I was always a good listener; it came naturally to me.  Fast forward about twenty years, I embarked on a career in business with an MBA in Marketing, Finance and International Management.  On my way to I living abroad, I moved to NYC and then Boston where I climbed the corporate ladder within several international Fortune 500 companies.  In every position, I coached bosses, peers, and those I directed to be more successful, make better decisions and improve relationships.  My business skills, adaptability and negotiation skills enabled me to lead businesses and teams on four continents.  It was fantastic fun until I pushed myself too hard and burned out twice.  My health faltered and I stepped off the hamster wheel. 

I left NYC for a slower pace of life, and worked with smaller-sized companies as a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, CEO, and eventually starting my own strategic consultancy. I also dove into the world of entrepreneurship, launching several online and offline new ventures.  I became a partner in a startup incubator and coached many businesses to raise funds, while also becoming a business advisor and investor.  While there were multiple “pivots” in my career, coaching was always present.

Today, as Co-CEO of Modern Aging, I’ve combined my interests and skills.   Now, I want to help people avoid my pitfalls and live the life of their dreams.

Susan's interview
How to Be
Productive Amid
Change and Chaos

Fun Facts about me

•  Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in wellness and healing.  I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with others.

•  At 13 years old, I chose my career so I could travel and see the world.  Now I can say I have worked across 100 countries, traveled to over 30 and lived in 4.

•  Besides travel and people, my passions are nature, outdoor sports, films and art.

•  I helped launch several business firsts in the U.S.: the first children’s toothbrush, the first online business banking platform, and the first mobile phone text messaging, Internet and video functionalities. 

•  I am excited about being a board member for non-profits that fund schools and community medicine programs for impoverished children and communities across Asia, India, South America and Africa.

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

What Will We Work On?

We will work on the goals and intentions you choose for the 8 weeks. Our process will include your strategies, plans, actions and mindset.

How Will We Meet?

We will hold weekly remote 90-minute meetings on Zoom, Skype or a telephone conference line.

What Happens After The 8 Weeks?

We evaluate the results you achieve relative to your goals, and agree on action steps for the future. You may choose to initiate a new coaching agreement if appropriate.

What If I Miss A Session?

If you notify us more than 24 hours ahead, we can reschedule the session for another day. If your notification is less than 24 hours, the meeting will be forfeited.

What My Clients Say

Susan Rosenthal is a transformative business and professional coach. She has coached my business for 16 years, supporting my growing business with successful strategic business strategies, marketing plans, customer experiences and relationship management. Susan continues to provide solution-focused coaching, helping me pivot and develop additional business opportunities in this changing economic environment.
Claudia Moorad
Business Owner
When Susan and I met at a business event, I found her to be intelligent, insightful and highly talented in the business world. She has decades of wisdom and experience that she generously imparts. After I left my corporate position I hired Susan as my business coach to guide me in defining the business model, target audience and strategies for a new business. Susan then helped me plan and implement my ideas into a viable working business model with service offerings, marketing messages and business systems which became the foundation for my success.
Tim Luke
Licensed Real Estate Broker, ABC Realty Inc.

What Our Clients Say

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John Doe
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John Doe

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