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Risa interviewed Mona (80 years young) and Paul (74 years young) a year ago when they first started dating.  Mona met Paul at Fire Island 3 years ago and they saw the spark then. They had a long distance relationship, but now they have moved in together in Arizona. Mona didn’t think she would move in with Paul or settle in one place, but they get along so well that living together works. They are so synchronous with each other that they even finish each other’s sentences! 

As we grow older, we tend to be more picky about who we want to share our life with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being picky. “Do not settle because if you settle you will be unhappy,” says Mona. The most important thing is to live your life fully and completely with or without a man. If you don’t have a significant other in your life, create a life of close intimate friends of different ages.

“Don’t worry about not having the love of your life. Have the love of your life in your life.” — Mona.  If you are interested in finding love after 50, love after 60, or love after 70, the key is to be open to it. How do you be open to love? Mona shares her secrets.  She only started dating at age 77 after being single for 35 years. Dating after 60 can be intimidating and terrifying, but by taking the chance you may find true love!

Risa Morimoto - Modern Aging

Risa is the Founder and Co-CEO of Modern Aging and a certified integrative nutrition health coach. After decades of worldwide travel as an award-winning documentary and TV producer/director (HGTV, Animal Planet, A&E), she shares her insight and expertise to create a better, brighter midlife for those who desire to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled.

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