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Dr. Mamina Turegano started sharing videos of her Japanese mom, Michiko, talking about her skincare secrets on her social media. Her Tik Tok and Instagram have blown up since then. Risa is joined by Dr. Turegano, and Michiko in the YouTube video linked above to share some of those skincare secrets. 

Dr. Turegano’s interest in health and healthy skin follows her mom’s health consciousness.  Dr. Turegano grew up eating plenty of vegetables and no added sugar because her mom always believed in good nutrition. Gushers and fruit loops were not part of her childhood though she wished that they were as a kid. 

Michiko is 72-years old, has an unconventional great skincare routine.  Dr. Turegano attributes her mom’s youthful skin to her lifestyle which consists of what she eats, stress, and mindset. So, the most important regime for good skin is eating well, getting enough sleep, and setting a positive attitude. 

In addition to her healthy lifestyle, Michiko uses a variety of natural methods to bring youthful energy and take care of her skin. Some of Michiko’s secrets are banana skin face masks, onion skin tea, dry brushing and tree hugging. You probably have everything you need at home, so watch the video with Dr. Turegano and Michiko to learn how you can maintain healthy skin with natural remedies at home. Your skin deserves some love!

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Risa Morimoto - Modern Aging

Risa is the Founder and Co-CEO of Modern Aging and a certified integrative nutrition health coach. After decades of worldwide travel as an award-winning documentary and TV producer/director (HGTV, Animal Planet, A&E), she shares her insight and expertise to create a better, brighter midlife for those who desire to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled.

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