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Are you interested in love after 60, finding romance after 50 or finding love after 70? Dating after a breakup or dating after marriage is not easy but it is possible to find love again. Some of us may want to find love after the loss of a spouse. It is our innate human need for connection. I spoke with Mona Kreaden and Paul Lipton about their relationship – they are in their 70s and have been together for over a year. What works and doesn’t work in their relationship? How is the sex? How is the romance? I think you will be surprised by how candid they are!! Hopefully it will inspire others to get out there and find love after 60. You might be the recipient of a romantic love message! Romantic love is possible at any stage. There are some real benefits to dating after 60. Mona and Paul offer some practical tips on how to make a relationship work later in life. Senior dating is becoming more and more popular, especially as we increase our longevity. We want to all fall in love, regardless of our age. So step out of your comfort zone and be open to love being possible in your life.

Risa Morimoto - Modern Aging

Risa is the Founder and Co-CEO of Modern Aging and a certified integrative nutritional health coach. After decades of worldwide travel as an award-winning documentary and TV producer/director (HGTV, Animal Planet, A&E), she shares her insight and expertise to create a better, brighter midlife for those who desire to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled.

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