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Do you feel out of sync or overwhelmed by the effects of COVID-19 on your health, career, business, finances or relationships? Has your job changed or been upended? Are you feeling the urge for a career shift? If you own a business, is it on solid ground or needing immediate action to ensure its profitability and sustainability?

A business, career or life coach can support you or your business through all these shifts to not only land on your feet, but to live your best life during midlife and after. During the past 20 years, I have worked with thousands of individuals and businesses seeking wealth, success, fulfillment, meaning, health, love, expression, freedom and inner peace. Leveraging my extensive skills, experience, training and education, I’ve created proven, proprietary systems that remove fears and blocks, and help individuals and businesses achieve their goals with clarity, motivation, confidence and ease.

Stop settling or reacting to the circumstances in your life or business. It’s time to take charge and redesign the future. You have the power to be, do or have what you choose.

Podcast Ep 16: Estate Planning

Charlie Jones is an estate lawyer and grief counselor featured on Modern Aging to help us better understand and legally prepare for an unfortunate illness or circumstance. Besides rescuing cats and dogs,...

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Each week, host Risa Morimoto shares interviews with experts from around the world to discuss innovations in holistic health, money, travel, retirement, senior living and so much more. Every Thursday on YouTube.

Each Friday, host Risa Morimoto discusses advancements in holistic health and wellness as well as chats with experts from around the world about how to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled as we age.

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Modern Aging provides the world of aging with the innovative vision and heart we need to usher in a new era of culturally competent care from an international perspective

Vanessa Faraj.......

National Organizer
Caring Across Generations

When I was caregiving for my parents, I felt alone, but other caregivers shared their stories with me. That's why sites like Modern Aging are so important. Caregivers can learn innovative ways to care for their loved ones. Find them, use them, and share them.

(Ret.) Maj. Gen. Tony Taguba

AARP Community Ambassador

Modern Aging offers a fresh and inclusive perspective of the current trends and evolving ideas on the topic of aging well. As a fitness strategy consultant, caregiver and modern aging woman, it’s a great resource for all my clients and colleagues

Daisy Sola Lespier

Classical Pilates Teacher
Author, Go for the Thrill - Expanding Your Vision of Exercise

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